School Updates

    We are excited to welcome everyone back! 


    Safeguarding Policy

    Norden Community Primary is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of young people. We expect all staff, visitors and volunteers to share this commitment. For more information, please see our Safeguarding Policy. (Safeguarding Policy would be a direct link to the document)
    Yes, I accept the Safeguarding Policy. 

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    Our Stars of the Week - 3rd May 2019

    Congratulations to our stars of the week:Eliza, Suleiman, Caitlynn, Abdullah, George, Aryan, Florence, Bonnie, William, Nyssa, Hafsa, Alliyah, Emma, Sami and Maria. 

    Our Stars of the Week - 29th March 2019

    Congratulations to our stars of the week: Celeste, Harriet, Ciaran, Riley, Haris, Eesa, Max, Sayf, Ellie, Max, Harry, Freya, Alfred, Logan and Maliha. 

    Science Week Year 2

    Year 2 enjoyed a visit from Mr B who came to talk to us about differnt materialls and their uses. We worked in teams to build houses for the Three Little Pigs that had to stay up when the wolf tried to blow them down. We leant lots of science words about materials like flexible, rigid, transparent, opaque, hard, soft, bendy, suitable.


    Year 2 Puppet workshop

    Year 2 enjoyed a fun filled day with Puppet man Ron. We watched a funny puppet show all about healthy eating and then Ron taught us how to use hand puppets, make them move and use our voices to bring the characters to life. 

    In the afternoon Ron showed us how to make hand puppets out of envelopes and lots of differnt types of paper. We had a really fun day.

    A Celebrity Meeting!

    Well done and congratulations to our gymnasts who took part in a Gymnastics competition on Tuesday. The proud gymnasts also had the pleasure of meeting Beth Tweddle MBE! 

    Our Stars of the Week - 15th March 2019

    Congratulations to our stars of the week: Oscar, Suleiman, Abbi, Aimen, Ivy, Megan, Moshim, Harrison, Madison, Harry, Zainab, Hassan, Ciara and Maria. 

    Our Stars of the Week - 8th March 2019

    Congratulations to our stars of the week: Mia, Nicole, Molly, Abbi, Reuben, Elizah, Eshal, Maddie, Isla, Alex, Harriet, Kieran, Nusaybah and Haris. Well done to all of you!

    North West Regional Championships

    A huge congratulations to our Norden Gymnastics Teams who competed in the North West Floor and Vault Regional Championships. The children competed with confidence and enthusiasm and we are so proud of them. The time they have spent training and preparing for this competition shows a very strong committment to showing off the talent we have at Norden. Well done. 

    Y5 Victorian Trip - Touchstones

    Our Year 5 children looked fantastic as they dressed up as Victorians to enjoy a day at Rochdale's Touchstones Museum. They were involved in a range of workshops, helping the children to understand life as a Victorian child. 

    Our Stars of the Week

    Well done to all our stars of the week: James, Gabrielle, Emily, Sophie, Xavier, Ethan, Khadeeja, Zainab, Hannah, Aleena, Harriet, Eesa, Jack. Congratulations to you all!