School Updates

    Unit 2 will be performing "You Are Special" - a heartwarming musical with a timeless message of ways to unpack the key values of acceptance and self-worth. 

    There will be 2 performances for families: 2pm and 6pm on Tuesday 26th March. 

    Play Leaders

    Safeguarding Policy

    Norden Community Primary is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of young people. We expect all staff, visitors and volunteers to share this commitment. For more information, please see our Safeguarding Policy. (Safeguarding Policy would be a direct link to the document)
    Yes, I accept the Safeguarding Policy. 

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    Our Sports Leader role is very important at Norden. Children have to apply for the post in September, highlighting reasons why they believe they will be good at the job. Meetings are held and the role and responsibilities discussed.

    It is the Sports Leaders responsibility to then help at dinner times – ensuring there is enough equipment, setting equipment up, being a referee and modelling being a good role model for all. They are also very good at being a friend to those who need it at lunch time and being a listening ear.

    Sports Leaders can reward good behaviour that they see by giving out Chance Slips. Names are drawn at the end of a week for the chance to win a prize.


    The Sports Leaders also have managers. It is their responsibility to report any issues at lunch time and any changes that the team feel  are needed.

    Sports Leader Rota