School Updates

    Unit 2 will be performing "You Are Special" - a heartwarming musical with a timeless message of ways to unpack the key values of acceptance and self-worth. 

    There will be 2 performances for families: 2pm and 6pm on Tuesday 26th March. 


    Safeguarding Policy

    Norden Community Primary is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of young people. We expect all staff, visitors and volunteers to share this commitment. For more information, please see our Safeguarding Policy. (Safeguarding Policy would be a direct link to the document)
    Yes, I accept the Safeguarding Policy. 

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    Rochdale Music Service

    Rochdale Music Service entertained us with a fabulous music assembly on Wednesday 18th September. 

    For more pictures please click here

    Our Stars of the Week - 20th September 2019

    Congratulations to Eve, Kian, Harriet, Ryan, Alfie, Hassan, Harriet, Harry, James, Oliver, Aadam and Kieran

    Our Stars of the Week - 5th July 2019

    Congratulations to our stars of the week: Jack, Saffiyah, Ella, Eloise, Aiza, George, Lacey, Sayf, Sana, Milly, Aruna, Zena, Gabrielle and Louis

    Our Stars of the Week - 28th June 2019

    Congratulations to our Stars of the Week: Evey, Juliusz, Adhad, Hafsah, Olivia, Alayna, Dylan, Jake, Michaela, Winston, Lucas, Andrew and Hana. 

    Year 5 East Lancs Evacuee Experience

    Year 5 had a fantastic day at East Lancs Railway museum experiencing life as an evacuee. For more photos, check out our East Lancs photo gallery

    Rochdale Spelling Bee Champion

    Congratulations to Billy from Year 3 who is the

    Rochdale Spelling Bee Champion 2019.
    Billy had to compete against 31 other students from 

    across Rochdale ranging in age from Year 3 to Year 6. 
    We are very proud of you Billy, well done.

    Our Stars of the Week - 17th May 2019

    Congratulations to our stars this week: Poppy, Bea, Haider, Aleena, Muaz, Ella Jayne, Soraiya, Mischa, Tommy, James, Evie, Aizan, Billy, Jacob and Elizah.

    Our Stars of the Week - 10th May 2019

    Congratulations to our stars of the week: Malayeka, Holly, Nia, Asfarna, Thomas, Tommy, Logan, Lauson, Ava, Amirah, Harrison, Kai, Millie, Aamani, Hassan

    Our Stars of the Week - 3rd May 2019

    Congratulations to our stars of the week:Eliza, Suleiman, Caitlynn, Abdullah, George, Aryan, Florence, Bonnie, William, Nyssa, Hafsa, Alliyah, Emma, Sami and Maria. 

    Our Stars of the Week - 29th March 2019

    Congratulations to our stars of the week: Celeste, Harriet, Ciaran, Riley, Haris, Eesa, Max, Sayf, Ellie, Max, Harry, Freya, Alfred, Logan and Maliha.